Indian Girl Named After Mrs. Rivky Holtzberg a”h


mumbaiA family in India named their daughter – born on the third anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks – in memory of Rivka Holtzberg, the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary who was murdered alongside her husband Rav Gavriel Holzberg and their four guests at the Nariman House facility they operated as a Jewish center.

The massacre in the Chabad House was one of 11 instances where terrorists went on a killing spree that claimed the lives of almost 200 people and injured more than 300.

The baby, Rivka Nesamani Devasahayam, is the daughter of Samuel and Anne Devashayam, who after reading about the Holtzbergs credited them with being a “comfort to many of the wandering Jews.”

Samuel Devasahayam’s parents started a club in the 1970s called Friends of Israel. His daughter joins scores of children around the world named in memory of the Holtzbergs.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I wish a long and happy life for the child. For completeness, it should be said that “devasahayam” is an invented surname, which means “this deity is helper” and is not traditionally referred to other deities, but only to yoshke. See also their current first names. These xians are likely to be dalit (who have a status roughly similar to mamzerim) but not necessarily so; however, their (or their father’s) hindu family likely cut ties and forbade use of the name, and that’s how they got a new surname. This specific name is particularly popular among catholics due to pope Ratzinger recently making him a saint or something, and due to the catholic clergy in India petitioning Ratzinger and previously Wojtyla to do so.

  2. Western missionaries had trouble translating the world “saviour” because there was no such word and no such concept: this is why the word “helper” is used instead. The translation is more like “deity is saviour”.


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