Indictment Issued to Yerushalayim Man with 123 Traffic Violations


israel-trafficThe state issued an indictment against a 32-year-old Yerushalayim man for driving without a license, three days after he was pulled over and police found he had 123 previous traffic violations.

Police said that on Friday September 10th they saw a man driving in the industrial district of Petach Tikva who raised their suspicion. Police stopped the car and after a check found that the driver, a 32-year-old Yerushalayim native had 123 previous violations and had been issued an injunction banning him from operating a motor vehicle.

The man’s car was impounded by police, who have asked that the driver be kept in remand until the end of legal proceedings against him.




  1. It’s no wonder that more Israely’s die in auto accidents than all the wars put together!


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