Infamous Israeli Bureaucracy May Hit Sick Kids Hardest



Those who reside in Israel know that finding proper health coverage can require ‘protexia,’ also known as knowing the right person. Though some of the leading medical research in the world comes from Israeli doctors, the socialized system is such that many patients spend countless hours navigating the system. Making several phone calls and bussing to clinics is challenging to most, but especially so for those suffering from cancer.

Cancer patients young and old often struggle to find the best surgeons, to secure appointments with recommended doctors, and to find access to medications not covered by the national health insurance. This struggle is endured amid the chaos of physical, emotional, and financial burden.

One organization hoping to help change this is ICSN-Darchei Miriam. ICSN-Darchei Miriam helps cancer patients and their families in Israel navigate and survive a cancer diagnosis and course of treatment until remission.

They help children and adults who are sick by providing them with household help, transportation, assistance with bureaucracy and making sure they are able to find the doctors & medication they need for the best prices possible. These services would be luxuries to those who are well but for those struck by cancer they are absolute necessities, and they are often just out of reach.

ICSN-Darchei Miriam runs entirely on donations and volunteer work. Cancer is never easy. But with the help of ICSN-Darchei Miriam, it can be a little easier.

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