INJUSTICE: SCHI Founder Heads To Trial After Judge’s Ruling

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A Superior Court judge today denied a Lakewood special education school founder’s attempt to dismiss the criminal charges against him, clearing the case to move toward trial, the APP reports.

The founder of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence is tentatively set for trial in January. The fabricated indictment against him was based on false and misleading testimony to a grand jury, but Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Benjamin Bucca disagreed in a 14-page ruling released today.

In this case of trumped up charges, the carry a sentence of 10 to 20 years in state prison and a fine of up to $200,000 years in prison.

Hashem yeracheim.



  1. The bottom line: don’t talk to federal agents, don’t give more than your name to a cop that stopped or arrested you, always plead the 5th in court. The so called justice system is not your friend – they are just seeking to add your head to their trophy wall, whether you are a criminal or not. Don’t assist the crooked prosecutors with creating those ridiculous “process crimes”: remember to “I assert my right not to answer your questions as guaranteed by the 5th amendment to the US constitution”.

  2. It’s imperative that all yereim v’shlaymim daven that Borei olam spare Rabbi Eisenman shlita any more tzar. During these days of Chanukah may he see nisim.

  3. The Ribono shel olam should help we should be zoche to see how these perverted ‘men of justice’ receive their just desserts. There is no doubt there there is a special place somewhere for these miscreants, just whether we will see their punishment


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