Innocent Jewish Man Denied Trial For Two Years 



Yet another shocking story of a Jewish man unjustly incarcerated in a European prison was brought to the public eye this week, after Esther Batel released the details of her husband Dovid’s arrest. Dovid, resident of Netanya and father of 6, reportedly had his identity stolen and used for fraud.

“We were so scared but assumed it would all soon be over, because he is innocent,” reads the family’s public statement.

Their false sense of hope was soon dispelled – Dovid was denied a trial, and sat in prison, for two years. He was finally brought in front of a judge last week, after years of gruesome conditions and psychological torture. It was quickly determined that he was not guilty of the crime, and the court ruled that he could be released, on the condition that a fee of nearly $200,000 be paid, by September 8th.

The family are now engaged in a terrifying race – to raise a seemingly impossible sum of money, or accept that Dovid will never return. An emergency fund has been opened to help raise the money.

In previous times in history, the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim was a rare opportunity. Now thanks to the internet and Jewish crowdfunding sites such as The Chesed Fund, individuals around the world have the opportunity to release Jewish prisoners from life-threatening situations.

Only six days remain to raise the money necessary to release Dovid Batel from prison. Those near to the family are watching the fund’s progress closely, as it is currently their only hope of reuniting.




  1. We are all cognizant of the chiyuv to be Nosa b’ol. However, being that this particular saga is overseas it is harder to feel and contribute. In an effort to assist in making it more real, I offer the video clip below. It depicts the senseless behavior of the NY justice system. The same scenario plays itself out if one obtains a false restraining order r’l and then phones the police to report an infraction of said restraining order! In the zechus of our nesious ol may we collectively be zocah to a ksivah v’chasima tova.

    Continued Hatzlocah

  2. What I dont understand is why is there any money to pay if the courts have declared there is no crime?

    PS This question is not looking for an excuse not to help, I have contributed, just dont understand it.

    I asked this question on a previous like campaign but am not getting responses.

    • In America the law allows for one to be self represented.

      Having so stated, anyone who has any allegations against them is advised by the courts to pay an attorney. The reasoning they give is because if you get it wrong,you may be incarcerated. Whether true or otherwise, the fear is sufficient to compel the individual to lawyer up. Many men whose wife’s obtained bogus restraining orders r’l hire attorney’s to represent them ditto for the individuals in NY who were depicted in the video allegedly violating NY gun laws.

      These attorney’s are expensive and charge by the hour. So, if for example your case is called at 8:30 a.m. however not heard till 3:00 p.m. you are charged for the lawyer’s time while he/she warms up the chair they are sitting on!

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