INSANE: Watch: US General Compares Trump And His Supporters To Nazis

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  1. I blame President Trump. He had four years, and not only he didn’t fire thousands of federal bureaucrats as was his prerogative, but he managed to hire and promote more swamp creatures. That’s why it’s DeSantis or nothing in 2024. President Trump should devote himself to trolling the Democrats and the establishment, which he is a genius at. The world would be a better place if every man stuck to what he was best at.

  2. General Miley is a Moron. You don’t think a General can be a moron? Just look at the President. Just look at the Secretary of Health. Just look around. The world is full of fools and morons. Hashem put them here for a reason. I have no idea what the reason is but they’re here, all over the place.

  3. So Trump is right for sending him off to Guitmo and probably a Deep State criminal with crimes against humanity. Was he sentenced already?

  4. How dare Trump eradicate aristocrats, high-ranking officials and celebrities from the world and free millions of abused and molested children and babies, generations of young victims, from their evil (is there any stronger word?) clutches hidden in 10,000 humongous tunnels several miles deep and then fill their cabal homes with water, destroying their latest technologies hidden from humanity for decades.

  5. This privileged WHITE guilt laden male should resign immediately! He already admitted that he was an evil member of the white race. He must be replaced by a black as soon as tommorow.


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