INSANITY: De Blasio to Shift Funding from NYPD to Youth and Social Services


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today plans to shift funding from the NYPD to support youth and social services instead, WPIX 11 reports. The mayor said the details would be worked out through the city budget process over the next three weeks.

“We are committed to shifting resources,” de Blasio said. “The investments in our youth are foundational.”

The mayor added that the defunding of the NYPD will be done in a way that does not compromise the safety of New Yorkers. Defunding the NYPD and redirecting those resources to youth and community programs has been one of the demands of George Floyd protesters. Read more at WPIX 11.




  1. The first of the עשרת הדברות is
    אנכי ה׳ אלקיך
    The first of bein Adam laChaveiro is
    לא תרצח
    If one doesn’t believe in G-d, then everything is permitted, even murder.
    The democrats removed HaShem from the classroom in the 60s.
    They have almost succeeded in removing HaShem from the public square.
    What is needed is not more social programs but a spiritual revival.
    Under communist or democrat government that will never happen!

    • so your advocating for increased Christian-paganism to be taught in public schools? how does a Jew come to such a conclusion?

    • “The democrats removed HaShem from the classroom in the 60s.”

      Not true. The Supreme Court removed it from the classroom, correctly ruling that government-sponsored prayers were an establishment of religion. Jews were among the plaintiffs in the successful lawsuit and Jewish groups filed friend of the court briefs in support of the plaintiffs.

      I remember being forced to recite such prayers in the early 1960s. The case was decided before I started kindergarten, but the local school system showed its respect for the rule of law by ignoring the Constitution for a few years.

  2. “If one doesn’t believe in G-d, then everything is permitted.”

    Btw, that is a quote which is attributed to Dostoevsky

    • Actually crime rates finally started to decline in the second year of Dinkins’ mayoralty after he got the City Council to massively INCREASE the funding and staffing of NYPD. This is about going back to the far worse days of Lindsay, Beame, and Koch.

      This. Is. Not. Rocket. Science.

  3. I guess De B is putting the cops’ money into the hands of radical groups and gangs. He likes them better and wants them to create a paramilitary force to replace the police..

  4. They should give this scum an ultimatum. Rescind your hateful edicts, quit his hate mongering, or they quit covering black and liberal neighborhoods. Let the black and liberal neighborhoods do an internal vote to prove that a majority do want police protection and only then should the police cover them again. Let’s see what will happen.

    • The Lindsay and Beame Administrations actually had that policy. That was what caused the Bronx, and east Brooklyn, to literally go up in smoke. 🙁 It has taken four decades for the Bronx to recover.

  5. How is defunding the NYPD going to stop police brutality? It will only increase it. Now, the Police brass will claim, we don’t have enough in our budget for overview. We don’t have enough for updated body cameras. There are thugs on the NYPD right now that have a history and record of abuse and brutality but yet DeBlasio refuses to fire them! DeBlasio is part of the problem/cover up. The protesters and rioters have to camp out by Gracie Mansion and City, practice their “civil disobedience” by smashing some of HIS windows until he fires the rogue cops who are on his force right now.

  6. He will let his wife run it. She stole $850 million dollars for Thrive NY to help with mental illness. After 4 years she does not seem to know what was actually done with the money.

  7. “The mayor added that the defunding of the NYPD will be done in a way that does not compromise the safety of New Yorkers.” A pathetic joke.

  8. well, of course he’s doing that. after all the police had the nerve to arrest his daughter, of who he is very proud

  9. If your going to defund the Police then you might as well defund the Mayor and the City Council. They’re both useless.

  10. Take away the police and black on black crime will skyrocket. Oh wait, that’s irrelevant. We only care when a black (criminal, in this case) is killed by a white officer; not to mention that one bad officer dies not represent all the cops. This sheer liberal insanity is to be expected and will never change. NY gets what it deserves for voting in this this moron.

  11. This is like the Corona virus it is an anti police pandemic that spreads without ryme or reason. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon. No one especially our elected officials are stopping to think this through to its logical conclusion which will not be pretty.

  12. To all the above commentators:

    How many of you protested when Boro Park residents told police enforcing coronavirus curfew: “Go back to Germany!”, namely: Get out of here ! We want no police.
    What’s the difference between them and the clown whom many of you voted for to be you major?
    The chance is big MATZAV will not let my comment be read. It’s not politically correct.

    • Your comment was davka let thru to point out your inaccuracies.
      1) There wasn’t “the whole Boro Park” saying, go back to Germany. It was one nut-case that was taking the video that went viral. It’s only the shock factor videos that go “viral”.
      2) You’re all mixed up. That unfortunate immature statement was made when the Sheriff’s ( NOT THE POLICE) were giving outrageous summons to small businesses who were trying to service their costumers in a safe way. It was NOT enforcing any curfew. Yes, the NYPD takes our safe communities for granted. B”H there is no violent crimes taking place. There are no breaking and entering. There are no robbing stores. Etc…B”H we respect and get along with each other. When the police come in to our community just to harass us, it shows a total lack of respect. The police officers from the 66th precinct are very lucky to be serving in such safe Orthodox Jewish communities. If they can’t leave well enough alone, then yes, we have a right and obligation to let pur voices be heard. No normal Yid from Boro Park or Flatbush said we should get rid of the police. That’s absurd, not deserving a response.
      Your hatred for Chareidim is appalling. You thought you would get a quick anonymous lie and slander in there and quickly retreat. Didn’t work, you lowlife.

  13. The mayor can save the city a fortune if he simply gives up his OWN security detail. Since he thinks it is ok to defund police, let him lead by example and no longer use their protection.

  14. It is obvious to anyone with an IQ of at least 75: gotta escape NY asap(perhaps NJ and MD too). There are plenty of opportunities to live normal lives in the freedom loving Republican states; some are state income tax free, cheap real estate, low property taxes, your business won’t be regulated to death by the state bureaucrats, you are legally allowed to carry tools of defense, etc. One humble request though, all Jewish supporters of the Demonrat party should stay back in NY; we don’t you to pollute other frum communities. Enjoy the Demonrat “paradise” you have helped to create. Hear that Charles B Hall et al?!


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