INSANITY: Watch: Jet Blue Tosses Jewish Woman And Her Family Off Flight From Orlando To NJ Because Of Unmasked Toddler




  1. even if the rule is only 2 and under and her kid was over 2 this only happened because of anti semitisim surely if it would have been an eini yehudi it wouldnt of happened and also whyd the flight attendants assume she was over 2?

  2. A direct quote from Jet Blue web site- “Children who are not able to maintain a face covering are exempt from the requirement” – About 2 hours after this story broke they changed the policy on the web site and removed the above.
    Sounds like jet blue is playing a dirty trick.

  3. what did they think was gonna happen? jetblue is a private company they can refuse service if you don’t follow the rules! a business isn’t your slave if you don’t follow their safety precautions they would be negligent to let it pass.

  4. I wonder if she insists with the child to wash teeth, to go to bed at bedtime (i.e. when convenient for the adults), to sit down and wait while other people finish eating, and many other good and polite habits which are not immediately health-threatening – the virus is. Also, where is the consideration for vulnerable passengers? It seems neither the entitled lady nor her husband have ever heard about the passenger who set out to drill a hole under his seat and to complaining people onboard the ship he said they should mind their own business.


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