INSIDE UNWRA SCHOOL: Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas War Room

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Based on intelligence from the IDF and ISA, the IAF conducted a precise strike on a central Hamas war room located within a UNRWA school in the Nuseirat area. The war room was utilized by terrorist operatives from Hamas’ military wing. The airstrike employed precise munitions to reduce harm to non-combatants.

The Hamas war room had been used by the terrorist organization to plan numerous attacks against IDF troops in central Gaza in recent weeks. The Nukhba terrorists stationed inside the war room participated in the October 7th Massacre and carried out ambushes and attacks on IDF troops in the Gaza Strip. The IAF operation resulted in the elimination of approximately 15 operatives from terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, with over 10 belonging to Hamas.

“The Hamas terrorist organization systematically exploits the civilian population and institutions as human shields for their terrorist activities against the State of Israel,” the IDF declared.

Earlier on Tuesday, terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched at least three rockets at Sderot during a rally and march by tens of thousands of Israelis calling for victory in Gaza and the reinstatement of Jewish settlement in the Strip.



  1. No wonder the UN chief demanded that Israel gets out of Gaza: they were concerned this would get out! They need to be eradicated just the same!


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