Inspiration: The Meaning of Selichos

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The haylige Sanzer Rebbe had just passed away. Thousands cried as they followed the casket to its burial place. But the most curious thing was the couple that walked right behind the casket and cried the deepest, the bitterest. They were obviously not Jewish. The chasidim knew there had to be a story…

After the funeral, they explained. Years before there was a Jew from Vienna who owned a shoe factory that had a contract with the Emperor to supply boots to the Austrian army. His enemies spread rumors that his shoes were substandard so the government closed him down and would try him for treason. The Jew could find no one to help so someone advised that he go visit the Sanzer Rebbe for advice and a bracha.

He took the train toDanz and waited on line to see the Rebbe. As he entered the room the Rebbe asked without looking up “What time is it?”  The man answered “11:50”. “What are you waiting for!? Here’s 100 rubles, take the next train back to Vienna and get a first class ticket!” The Rebbe urgently yelled.

The man frantically ran to the station,bought a first class ticket and sat down in the private compartment. Just as the train was about to pull out, in walked a distinguished gentleman and sat down opposite him. Halfway into the trip the gentleman says to the Jew”I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you look like you could make better use of a hundred rubles than sitting first class, why did you spend your money?”

“I don’t know”, said the Jew. “I own a shoe factory and people have conspired against me. I went to the Sanzer Rebbe and he urged me to do this. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him my story.”  And he proceeded o pour out his heart to this stranger. When they reached Vienna they parted ways and the Jew went off to attend his trial.

When the bailiff announced”All rise for the Judge “ the Jew was surprised to see his companion from the train was none other than the judge. Having heard the true heart wrenching story from the Jew in the calm of the train compartment, the judge knew how to trip up the false accusers and get to the bottom of the truth. The Jew was Innocent!

After the trial, the judge asked to speak with the Jew in his private quarters. “I need to know who this holy special Rebbe is. I have a daughter of 3 that the doctors say will never walk. Please introduce us”

The Rebbe blessed the girl and she grew to become a beautiful healthy woman.

“We are that judge and his daughter. That’s why we are crying so much, so deep, because the Rebbe saved our lives”

You see, Selichos night, a week before the trial, the Ribono Shel Olam, out of his great love for us Klal Yisroel, breaks his own Torah. The Torah says not to recognize faces of the deliberents, not to speak with them, not to be bribed by them. Yet the Judge locks himself away with us , in a private compartment, with none of the prosecuting angels to trip us up and make us nervous, to listen to our story, uninterrupted, straight from the heart, in order that, comes the day of the Trial, he can trip up the accusing angels and hand down a verdict of”INNOCENT “!

May your tefillos come from the depths of your heart and soul. May we all be inscribed into the book of good life, good health, good parnassa, good everything.



    • I haven’t heard you wondering whether mainstream media news is true. You listen to it and read it with gusto and trust everything they say without giving a thought who confirmed it. FYI b”H most people by now are very much aware that mainstream media’s so-called daily news is fake news.


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