Instead Of A Crib, This Toddler Sleeps In A Disturbing Place Every Night

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Poverty in Israel remains to be a significant problem in 2021, with a whopping 21.2% of the population living in poverty according to statistics. To make things even more alarming, the statistics show that a large portion of those living in poverty are none other than children. Though one might assume that this kind of third-world societal issue is obsolete at this point, the truth is that Israel is far from it.

The Kenigsberg family is a prime example. The lively family has eight children and they are barely getting by in impossibly cramped conditions– In a tiny two-bedroom apartment. Though many of our readers may be horrified at the thought of living with so many children in such a small space, for the Kenigsbergs, it’s simply their reality.

“Their apartment is so cramped and crowded,” says Mordechai, a brother of Mrs. Kenigsberg.

“They live with the kind of poverty that is hard to describe. None of the children sleep in their own bed, there is simply no space. So three kids sleep on one bed together, and the rest of the little ones, including the 3-year-old, have no choice but to sleep on the floor.”

Recently, the Kenigsbergs were approached with an offer that would drastically improve their living conditions: But with rent to pay and eight hungry mouths to feed, they had no choice but to decline:

“All of the neighbors in their building decided to extend their apartments,” explains Reuven.

“They approached my sister and asked her if she would be willing to add a bedroom to her apartment as well, at a discount. They need the space so desperately. But they simply can’t afford it, let alone afford basic things.”

The poverty in which some Jewish families face in today’s age is horrifying. But thankfully, there is hope for the Kenigsbergs. Mordechai has opened a crowdfunding page with hope that people will notice how much this large family is struggling– And hopefully, help them out.

“Can you imagine seeing sweet little children sleeping on the Israeli stone floor?,” he wrote.

“It’s heartbreaking. If you help, you will have the tremendous merit of supporting a good, kind Torahdig family who is struggling tremendously. Of giving little Jewish children a warm, comfortable place to sleep in at night.”

It’s hard to believe that there are little Jewish children today who don’t even have a warm bed to sleep in at night. Hopefully, Mordechai will be able to successfully raise enough money for his sister’s family to fulfill their dream of adding a bedroom to their apartment so that the children can have a much better childhood. For more information about the Kenigsberg family, click here.



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