Instead of Celebrating Her Wedding, Kallah is Transferred from ICU


Sarah Sperling, the kallah who was hurt in the Bus 402 crash last month, was supposed to get married last night. Instead, the 20-year-old resident of Neve Yaakov, Yerushalayim, remains at Asaf Harofeh Medical Center, where, yesterday, she was released from the ICU and placed in a regular ward.

The hospital said that she is making progress.

Her chosson is Yaakov (Kobi) Kastelenitz, a talmid of Yeshiva Kol Torah in Yerushalayim.

Sarah, a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Yitzchok and Dina Sperling, has experienced “miracles,” according to doctors at the hospital, who attributed her progress to the tefillos of Jews across the globe.

Along with the improvement, Sarah is expected to endure a long process of recovery in regard to the use of her hand, which was seriously injured . “It is a long and tedious process,” said her doctors, “and we really need more tefillos for the continuation of the recovery process to ensure that it will be quick and complete.”

Yesterday, the driver of the bus was released from house arrest, which had been enforced for 21 days.

Six people perished in the tragic crash three weeks ago. An investigation into the accident continues.

All are asked to keep davening for Sarah bas Dinah.

David Steger – Israel


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