Intel Chief: NSA Isn’t Tapping Calls


nsaThe office of the Director of National Intelligence on Sundaydisputed Edward Snowden’s claims that a single analyst could have tapped into phone calls without warrants-and that Congress was never briefed of this practice.

The statement contradicts comments made by U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, who reported to CNET on Saturday that he had been told in a closed-door meeting that the NSA allowed its analysts to listen in on phone calls without warrants.

Nadler walked back from those statements on Sunday, telling BuzzFeed that “the administration has reiterated that, as I always believed, that the NSA cannot listen to the content of Americans’ phone calls without a specific warrant.” Meanwhile, Apple said on Monday that it had received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests from U.S. law-enforcement authorities for customer data in the past six months alone. Read more at The Hill.

{Andy Newscenter}


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