Intelligence Agencies Vow To Discover ‘Havana Syndrome’

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A renewed bipartisan push to discover the cause of the so-called “Havana Syndrome” appears to have resonated with the Biden Administration.

The Washington Examiner reported Friday a CIA spokesperson said the agency was working with others to “double down” on finding answers regarding  the “unexplained global health incidents” among U.S. personnel abroad in places such as Cuba, Russia and China.

The public first became aware of the “Havana Syndrome” in  2016 after incidents at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. Related events were reported to have occurred before and after that.

The effects of the illness featured dizziness, head pain, vision problems, cognitive troubles, loud noises, vertigo and possible traumatic brain injuries.

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  1. This “Havana Syndrome” that “appears to have resonated with the Biden Administration” are the millions of “unexplained global health incidents” elite criminals who were shipped to Guantanamo Cuba. Do you expect mainstream media to tell you the truth?


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