Interior Ministry Cuts Funds To Ashkenazi Haredi Schools That Will Not Admit Sefardim

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eli-yishaiFollowing a Yediot Achronot report claiming that hundreds of frum teenage girls of Sephardic descent are forbidden from attending school, Interior Minister Eli Yishai has instructed municipalities to stop funding the discriminating institutions.

The minister’s office said the girls who are allegedly being discriminated against are residents of Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, Modi’in Illit and other towns, adding that the office has received dozens of complaints. An official in the Interior Ministry said some 380 girls are being discriminated against and that the only way to rectify the situation is to stop funding these institutions.

“Minister Yishai wants to apply pressure on the municipalities to so they will ensure equality by law,” the official said. “This is not a new phenomenon, but is has grown to such an extent that we must put an end to it.”

Minister Yishai released a statement saying, “The only sin of these girls is that they were not born with the right color. I have instructed the ministry’s director general to freeze the allocation of budgets to municipalities that fund institutions that have adopted racist policies. Racism must be eradicated and we will fight it with all the means at our disposal.

Knesset Member Chaim Amsellem, a former Shas member and current chairman of the Am Shalem movement, criticized Yishai’s “late” reaction. “The issue of discrimination has been a know fact for a while. Not enough has been down to fight it. The funding of these institutions must be stopped, and those who support this discrimination or threaten the complainants must be dismissed.

“Where was Yishai all this time? He did nothing, because his children, as well as the children of the rest of the MKs, attend these discriminating schools,” he said.

The City of Yerushalayim said it has taken steps against discrimination in local haredi schools and has eliminated the phenomenon “almost entirely.”


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  1. when I told a Meretz type academic
    “You(plural)are bigger racist discriminators”
    he just gave a smirking grunt.

    Naturally media convinces that it is all but equality,
    and uses haredim as a scapegoat smokescreen.

  2. I live in Eretz Yisrael…It’s the dividing line between Ashkanazim and Sephardim is seen a lot more, more than in chutz l’aretz for sure…

  3. Kol hakavoid. Its about time this closed minded imature I am better then though racism stopped. But I would still encourage sfardim to open their own moisdis. For if they don’t they will just feel like second class in the ashknazi schools and seminaries. The truth is that it’s so absurd that Charedi girls can’t all be together. Why does being sfardi have any affect on a girls ability to study? And even the yeshivas could tolerate sfardim. Plenty of the yeshivas in America accomdate sfardim. Its so inmature this entire phenomena.

  4. “when I told a Meretz type academic”

    What is a “Meretz type academic” when he is at home? A person either votes for Meretz or he doesn’t.


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