Intermarriage Rates Among Diaspora Jews at All-Time High

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jewishA new study revealed by the Knesset Information and Research Center shows high rates of intermarriage among Jewish communities in the Diaspora. During the past 50 years the rate of intermarriage among Diaspora Jews increased by over 200%, the study suggests, pointing to a weak Jewish identity as one of the main factors.

The findings, deduced from a study conducted by the center two years ago, were presented Monday during a hearing of the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, headed by its new Chairman MK Danny Danon (Likud).

“The fear of assimilation of Diaspora Jews is a strategic threat for the continued existence of Israel,” Danon said.

One of the study’s most surprising findings shows that intermarriage rates among religious and secular families are almost identical.

While in the United States 55% of all Jews married non-Jewish partners, intermarriage rates in Australia, Canada and Turkey fluctuate between 25%-30%.

An intermarriage rate of 35%-45% was recorded among the Jewish Diaspora in France, Britain and most of Latin America.

The study revealed much higher figures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where 65% of Jews exchanged nuptials with non Jews, while Russia came out on top of the list with a 75% rate of intermarriage.

Mexico, on the other hand, recorded the lowest level of intermarriage, with only 15% of Jews marrying outside of their faith.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. “One of the study¬ís most surprising findings shows that intermarriage rates among religious and secular families are almost identical.”


  2. i guess that by the time you “married a goya ” you would not be religiouse anymore.
    but anyway al pi halacha a marriage with a goya isn`t recognized and its children belong entirely to the goya.

  3. #1. If your going to dispute the findings of this study, you need to bring contrary data and proofs. You could say, “I doubt it”, or “doesn’t sound right to me”. But just saying “nonsense” is meaningless.

  4. this all starts from the cause of all yidden not being together as one (which is needed in order for mashiach to come) & people that need kiruv not getting it in their time of need, causing them to turn themselves away from Judaism Rachmana L’tzlan & go to somewhere that they will be appreciated NOW IS THE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO STOP BEING SELF-CENTERED & START CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER-no matter what level of Yiddishkeit the person is on rather chassidish, heimish, frei or reform etc…

    IDEAS: invite some non shomer shabbos neighbors to a shabbos meal in your house, learn with a friend at work that needs kiruv for JUST a few minutes a day before work begins, Join oorah, partners in torah or many other kiruv programs to help bring someone back to yiddishkeit

    if you save one person it is as if you saved an entire world… we don’t even know who can be the children of someone you brought back to yiddishkeit…

  5. well put #4 we must love each yid no matter his background or how dissimilar he may be from us. these numbers are astounding and should make everyone feel terrible we are losing so many yidden and future yidden, we must save every jew that we can. everyone has to start criticizing and start being respectful to yidden of all kind, so we can hopefully lower these numbers.

  6. According to the studies author’s, Reform and Conservative are “religious”, hence those numbers. Irreligious to them means unaffiliated with any branch.

  7. Mexico has the lowest? Fascinating. In Rabbi Kantor’s history encyclopedia (Codex) he states (from my memory) that in the mid-1500’s anyone with Jewish blood (as in Marranos after the expulsion) was banned from living in Mexico – yet the population was estimated to be more than 50% Jewish content.

  8. well some of you have said some profound thoughts here.
    I say that we be machazek our own children so that we can all be supporters of outreach.
    I say that we try to connect to people as we go about our day and try to help them come closer from where ever they’re at.
    here are some more….although #4 was great.
    smile at another yid
    learn how to get into conversations and just try to show another non frum yid how beautiful having a Torah based family is about.
    Learning what is Kiruv and trying to do it once you understand more.
    learn more about ahavas yisroel.
    another one which we do: when you save a few dollars (like say I give my children $100 for clothes and they got sales, so there is $25 left, so we give part of it to the kiruv pushka.
    We also have baal teshuva bachurim very often at our tish, and we have so much to learn from them, as much as they can learn from us.
    I have a sister who has a non frum neighbor in her city, and she doesnt push her, but she invites her to come light shabbos candles together at her house, and then they sit and just talk. Even just a pleasant experience gives good memories of a Torah observant house.
    theres more, lets take advantage of this great open forum and give more ideas! Heres our chance to have our own opinions expressed in our own way….


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