International Fellowship Emergency Effort Helps Raise $500,000 For Mevo Modi’im

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In its continued efforts to help the families of the incinerated community of Mevo Modi’im get back on their feet, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has helped the small moshav raise more than $500,000 in collected donations for its residents, the vast majority of whom have lost their homes.

Located west of Jerusalem and near the Israeli city of Modi’in, Mevo Modi’im sustained a massive fire in May that has destroyed most of the community’s homes. The moshav is still uninhabitable as toxic fumes and gases remain from the damage. For the time being, the residents have been temporarily relocated to Kibbutz Hafetz Haim.

“For the past 13 years, the Fellowship has been a central hub for assisting citizens in times of emergency,” said its president, Yael Eckstein. “We are continuing to assume that role in this regard by helping Mevo Modi’im with its fundraising initiative.”

She continued, saying “the Jewish community, which had turned to the Fellowship to provide emergency aid for Mevo Modi’im, stepped up to partner with our Christian friends to raise more than NIS 1.8 million [$500,000] within a time span of just two weeks. It was a paradigmatic demonstration of a grassroots effort to make a tremendous impact for those in times of dire need and assistance.”

As many as 2,500 people from around the world donated—from those giving as little as a dollar to the much larger donors like the Kraft Family Foundation (founded by the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft), the Leichtag Foundation centered in San Diego, and the Abraham and Sonia Rochlin Foundation.

Brachie Sprung, a native of Mevo Modi’im and member of the Mevo Modi’im emergency response committee, conveyed her deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all who donated: “We are humbled and blessed not only for receiving such critical assistance at this time, but also knowing there are hundreds of people around the world who continue to have us in their thoughts and prayers. A long road ahead to recovery continues to remain for us, but this outpouring of support gives the community such comfort.”




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