Investigators Close In On Cause Of Surfside Building Collapse

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As rescue crews continue their frantic efforts to find and extricate possible survivors from the rubble of the 12-story condominium tower that collapsed in Surfside, Florida early Thursday morning, investigators believe they are closing in on the possible cause behind the sudden collapse of the building.

Based on information currently available to them, experts believe that a structural column or slab of concrete beneath the tower’s pool deck gave way, leafing to the eventual collapse of massive parts of the building, which came down in two sections.

The theory is supported by the account of the husband of one of the women missing in the wreckage, who says that his wife told him that she was watching the pool cave in, before she suddenly screamed and the line went dead.



  1. Definitely a possibility, but with terms like “leafing out” I can assure you that this has not been written by an expert.
    Given that, I don’t think anyone would consider this conclusive, but rather speculative.


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