Iowa Caucus: Road to the White House Starts in Hawkeye State Today

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The presidential nomination process officially gets underway today as Iowa holds its first-in-the-nation caucuses in the 99 counties across the state.

The Iowa caucuses’ results will hinge on turnout. The White House hopefuls are making last-ditch pitches to their supporters.

One big question is whether Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump can bring out a lot of nontraditional voters and remake the electorate, like Barack Obama did in 2008 to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump has widened his lead against Ted Cruz in Iowa. Many Wall Street financiers have rallied behind Marco Rubio, while a new counter-establishment of conservatives is backing Mr. Cruz.

The basics

  • When they vote: The caucuses start at 8 p.m. ET. at 1,681 precincts around Iowa
  • Delegates up for grabs: 30 bound GOP delegates, awarded proportionally (though the actual delegates are selected at later conventions); 44 delegates up for grabs in the Democratic race plus an additional 8 super-delegates. How they are selected vary greatly by party.
  • The polls: The latest NBC News polling has Donald Trump leading the Republican race, and Hillary Clinton narrowly ahead of Bernie Sanders on the Democrats side.

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  1. The first primary votes for the Republican Nominee for the 2016 US Presidential election on the first Tuesday of November will be cast in 6 hours time, today Monday 1st Feb. in Iowa. Results should be known within 8 hours from now. Approximately 125,000 state registered Republican Party members will vote tomorrow within the boundaries of Iowa. There are 2,472 delegates to the Republican National Convention, so it takes 1,237 to win the nomination. There are 30 Republican delegates up for grabs in Iowa.

    I hope Ted Cruz does well.


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