Iran Completing Its Land Bridge to Israeli Border 

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Regime forces in eastern Syria are 2 km. from the strategic border town of Abu Kamal – the last link in the Iranian “land bridge” from the Iraq-Iran border to the Mediterranean Sea and the border with Israel – while the U.S.-supported, mainly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) remain 25 km. north of the town, reports Jonathan Spyer for the Jerusalem Post.
Control of the border crossing at al-Qaim/Abu Kamal and of the roads leading west from it will enable the Iran-led alliance to transport fighters and weaponry in both directions. This means that in a future confrontation with Hizbullah, Israel could see its enemies reinforced by supplies and volunteers from other Iranian clients.
Tehran is presently pressing forward. As the Iranians continue to solidify and extend their gains in Syria, the likelihood will grow of direct friction with Israel’s enforcement of redlines.
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