Iran Foreign Minister Sets Off On Tour To Save Nuclear Deal


Iran’s foreign minister embarks on a tour of world powers on Saturday, state media reported, in what is seen as a last-ditch effort to save Tehran’s nuclear deal after Washington’s withdrawal from the accord.

Iran said it would remain committed to the deal without Washington if Tehran achieved its goals – namely being protected from sanctions against key sectors of its economy such as oil – in cooperation with other countries that have signed up to the agreement.

President Hassan Rouhani said he had asked Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to negotiate with European countries, China and Russia in the coming weeks. “If at the end of this short period we conclude that we can fully benefit from the (nuclear accord …, the deal would remain,” he said.

Read more at REUTERS.



  1. Iran threatened the politicians/ministers in Europe and the US that he will reveal the names of all who were bribed to pass Obama’s deal. HALEVAI!
    In other words, Iran knew that Obama’s deal is dangerous and those who are mad at President Trump for getting out of the deal are crooks who care only about themselves and don’t give a hoot about the safety of the world. CAN ANYONE DENY THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS NOT 100% RIGHT?


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