Iran: Hezbollah Drone Proves Our Capabilities


iran-deputy-defense-minister-ahmad-vahidiIran’s defense minister said Sunday that Hezbollah’s launch of a drone into Israeli airspace earlier this week proves the Islamic Republic’s military capabilities, state TV reported.┬áThe statement by Gen. Ahmad Vahidi was Iran’s first official acknowledgement that the Lebanese militant group’s drone used Iranian technology. It came a few days after Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah claimed responsibility for the launch and said the drone was manufactured in Iran and assembled in Lebanon.

“Great job by Hezbollah,” Gen. Vahidi said. “The era in which the Zionist regime (Israel) could think it has regional supremacy is over.”

Read more from the AP here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Amazing! Great job! You sure scared the “Zionist regime,” which began tracking the device when it first began crossing the Mediterranean and then shot it down. This comment shows how behind Iran truly is in technological war power; a minor feat is deemed a lot more than it actually is.

  2. I think Iranian power is growing much faster than we would like to admit
    They a not sleeping .Rember when Husain Obama said in 2009 Iran is a small country nothing to worry .i don’t think it is so small now

  3. Not so Yitzi Time. It showed the capabilities of the IDF defenses, and the lack thereof.

    Eleh barechev, veleh basusim, va’anachnu bShem Hashem nazkir.
    Not one Patriot missle hit one Scud in the first gulf war. I know, they flew over my head when I was in Yeshiva.


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