Iran Invites ‘All Nations, Except US and of Course Zionist Entity’ to Rouhani Ceremony


hasan-rouhani-iranIran announced an August 4 celebration for the swearing in ceremony of recently elected President Hassan Rouhani at the Iranian Parliament, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araghchi said on Tuesday at a weekly press conference, according to state news agency IRNA, as reported by The Algemeiner Journal.

“It is an invitation to all nations, except the United States and, of course, the Zionist entity, which does not recognize Iran’s doing, to participate in the ceremony of the performance of the President being sworn in,” the foreign ministry spokesman said.

Araghchi said that many other countries welcomed their invitations and would be involved in the ceremony, and added that “the names of the delegations of the countries that will participate at the ceremony will be announced later. ”

{Andy Newscenter}


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