Iran Nuke Deal Quietly Collapses

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iran-foreign-ministry-spokeswoman-marziyeh-afkhamLess than a month after it was hailed as “a great diplomatic coup,” the Geneva accord to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions seems to have come unstuck. The official narrative in Tehran is that Iran signed nothing.

“There is no treaty and no pact,” says Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham, “only a statement of intent.” Originally, Iran’s official media had presented the accord as a treaty (qarardad), but it now refers to a “letter of agreement” (tavafoq nameh).

On Sunday, an editorial in the daily Kayhan, published by the office of Supreme Guide Ali Khameini, claimed that the six-month period of the accord was meaningless and that a final agreement might “even take 20 years to negotiate.”

The new Iranian narrative is that talks about implementing an accord that is not legally binding have collapsed and that there is no change in the rhythm and tempo of Iran’s nuclear project. “Our centrifuges are working full capacity,” the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Ali-Akbar Salehi, said last Thursday. If unable to impose its will on others, the Iranian regime will try to buy time through endless negotiations.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. that’s what happens when you negotiate with terrorists. YOU LOSE now iran bought themselves 6 more months to prepare nuclear C”V & also got lots of their money from other countries unfrozen etc…

    will they ever listen to Israel?

  2. and Hussein Obama looks like the fool that he is!! Is he really that naive and easily influenced or is he just stupid and unaware of reality? And The U.S. says that Bibi is overacting. Hello world, wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. It’s all about choice. The underlying issue is that Obama and his cohorts CHOOSE to trust the enemy. Deep-down we all acknowledge and can ALL agree that Iran is attempting to buy time and has no intention to stop its nuclear program. They understand that it’s their best chance as long as Obama is in the White House making US policy. Time is running out and Iran knows it. Hopefully, no future president will CHOOSE to go in this direction.

  4. This only served two purposes. To take the heat off of the Obamacare fiasco and to prove to Israel and the stupid Jews that voted for this guy that Obama is a liar when he says he has “Israel’s back.”

  5. only women in burkas are allowed to be pictured. That means that all good yiddishe women should wear burkas as the best type of tznius.


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