Iran Says It’s Installing 1,000 More Centrifuges As US Slaps On New Sanctions

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After Iran confirmed that it has stepped up its uranium enrichment in breach of the 2015 nuclear deal, the head of Iran’s atomic agency said Tuesday the Islamic Republic is in the process of installing 1,000 new centrifuges to help increase production.

“One thousand centrifuges are being installed inside the country,” Ali Akbar Salehi said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

“We are currently installing one thousand IR-2m centrifuges, but two cascades are installed and working,” he added.

Salehi also said that Iran had increased its supply of yellowcake, a precursor to enriched uranium, eight-fold in the past two years.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. That’s okay. Team Harris has approved of Iran taking over America. I’ve sent John Kerry over there to ensure that America becomes part of Iran.


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