Iran Transfers Missiles To Iraq Capable Of Reaching Tel Aviv


Iran has transferred ballistic missiles to Shiite proxy groups in Iraq with the capacity of reaching Tel Aviv in a bid to bolster its defences amid regional threats, Reuters reported on Friday citing Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources.

Over the last few months — according to three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence source and two Western intelligence sources — Tehran has dispatched a number of short-range ballistic missiles to its allies in Iraq with the intention of helping the groups to eventually begin building their own.

The rockets in question known as ‘Zelzal’, ‘Fateh-110’ and ‘Zolfaqar’ are deemed to have ranges of about 200 to 700 kilometers (km) placing Israel’s densely-populated city of Tel Aviv as well as Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh within striking distance, if the weapons were launched from southern or western Iraq.

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