Iran: We’ll Burn Down Tel Aviv if Attacked


irans-un-ambassador-mohammed-khazaeeIran’s UN Ambassador Mohammed Khazaee said over the weekend that should Israel attack his country’s nuclear facilities, “Tehran will burn down Tel Aviv.” The ambassador, currently visiting Iran, told local press that preoccupation with an Israeli attack signifies “the enemies’ fear.”

Tensions surrounding Iran’s nuclear program grew in recent weeks mainly over sanctions imposed by the UN, United States, European Union and other countries following Tehran’s refusal to meet the Security Council’s demands.

According to the envoy, the West uses the nuclear issue as an excuse. “Should we announce we’re withdrawing the nuclear program and uranium enrichment, actions against Iran will not stop and they will find a new excuse to confront Iran every day.”

He further noted that should the Islamic Republic back out on the program, “enemies would only find other excuses to terrorize the Iranian regime.”

Iranian officials have commented on the matter from time to time and warned Israel and the US of a military strike. They insist Tehran’s nuclear program is meant for civilian purposes and not for the development of an atom bomb, as the West asserts.



  1. This regime has got to go. They’re complaining about themselves being terrorized when they’re terrorizing Israel by supplying arms to terrorist groups and threatening to burn down Tel Aviv (chas veshalom). Furthermore, they terrorize their own people. Irrational, terrorist fools.

  2. To #3: I’m sorry but I’m not a very good Hebrew speaker but I will be taking a class in the fall. Could you please translate for me? Thank you.

  3. Burning down Tel Aviv might awaken the tzionim from their stupor. It might make it harder for them and their buddies in Herzilya to give away the Golan and Yehudah and Shomron. But it’s a pretty deep sleep, so who knows?

    Anyway Iran is nothing but threats, they haven’t been able to get out of their own way. I doubt they’re capable of burning down a doghouse in Iran.

  4. Thank you for the translation #6. To #3: It is obvious that you are taking that quote out of context. Criticizing the government of another country or one’s own country is entirely legitimate. That is democracy. I suppose you never vote because that would be “judging”, no? To criticize an individual with whom you come in contact is a different matter. I mean what if Netanyahu’s advisors told him that Iran is building a nuke and giving aid to Hezbollah and Netanyahu replied “Well let’s not be too hasty and rush to judgement. We can’t possibly criticize them for aiding in the murder of our citizens unless we clean up our actions first. Then, after we’ve done that, they will stop this behavior out of the kindness of their hearts because they respect us just as much as we respect them.” If Israel takes that approach, they’ll be inspecting themselves with a fine-tooth comb while Iran prepares for aggression. They are not to be trusted! I hope you are not as naive as I think you are. Maybe, #3, you mean that I should inspect my own past and see whether I’ve been threatening anyone with death or giving aid to terrorist groups or if I’ve been attempting to build a nuke? Well I just checked and it’s a negative on all accounts. Please come up with a more logical argument next time. Also, to #5: I can’t tell if you’re pro-Zionist or anti-Zionist but whatever the case, you should make clear that you’re definitely not in favor of Tel Aviv being burned down. It just wasn’t clear to me in your post that you felt that way. Thanks.


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