Iranian Cleric Threatens To Destroy Tel Aviv And Haifa

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A senior Iranian cleric threatened on Friday to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel acts “foolishly”.

“We will expand our missile capabilities despite western pressure (to curb it) …. to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be totally destroyed,” hardline cleric Ahmad Khatami said during Friday prayers at Tehran University, according to Reuters.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Fake news. This cleric is obviously joking. John Kerry already told us that the Iranians have a marvelous sense of humor. They wouldn’t hurt a butterfly. The Iranians love Israel and the Jewish people. All these so-called threats, are only signs of their tremendous humbleness.

  2. Tel Aviv and Haifa must wake up and close streets on shabbos and stop their gay parades. The only places safe are Bnei Brak,Elad and meah shearim. There is a reason why G-d is making Iran point missels on Tel Aviv.


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