Iranian Warships Possibly Headed To Venezuela Reportedly Spark US Concern

Bloomberg photo by Carlos Becerra
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Two Iranian naval vessels possibly destined for Venezuela are reportedly prompting surveillance from U.S. national security officials.

Sources close to the matter told Politico that an Iranian frigate and a former oil tanker called the Makran were traveling south along the eastern coast of Africa.

The ultimate destination of the ships is unknown, as is the purpose of their voyage, but U.S. officials told the news outlet that they may be going to Venezuela.

Politico noted that Iran and Venezuela have formed closer ties over the years, cooperating on gasoline shipments and projects focusing on cars and cement factories. Both countries are also currently under harsh sanctions by the U.S.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. so what’s the WEAK Biden gonna do ? he’ll send Hunter to negotiate with them? or maybe send them MILLIONS of $$ to appease them……………


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