Iran’s Khamenei: There Is No Doubt We’ll Witness Israel’s Demise 

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“There is no doubt that we will witness the demise of the Zionist entity [Israel],” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted on his Twitter account Thursday ahead of the Iranian-initiated “Al Quds Day” today which protests Israel’s existence.

Iranian people attending nationwide demonstrations on International Quds Day stressed that attempts to eliminate and destroy Israel – the region’s cancerous tumor – remain “the Muslim world’s top priority.”
Today, demonstrators also described efforts to liberate the holy city of al-Quds [Yerushalayim] as one of the Islamic Revolution’s primary goals.
{CB News Center}


  1. If you look at the phonics of Ka-meini and Netanyahu’s names, Hashems name is in both. For the Iranian leader his name means that G-d will stop him. In contrast for Bibi, it’s that G-d is giving him his directive to be his messenger to carry out his will.


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