Iran’s Plan B for the Bomb

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us-iran-israel-bombWhoever negotiates with Iran must acknowledge that the enrichment of uranium from a low level (3.5% to 19.75%) to weapons-grade level (90%) is only one of three dimensions of Iran’s nuclear strategy. A second dimension is Iran’s progress toward a quick “breakout capability” through the stockpiling of large quantities of low-enriched uranium that could be further enriched rapidly to provide weapons-grade fuel. Third, Iran also appears to be pursuing a parallel track to a nuclear capability through the production of plutonium. If there is going to be a nuclear deal with Iran, all three parts of its strategy must be addressed.

Western experts like Olli Heinonen estimate that if Iran decided to develop a bomb today, it could do so within three to five months. But a recent report from the Institute for Science and International Security estimates that at its current pace of centrifuge installation, Iran could reduce its breakout time to just one month by the end of this year and, by mid-2014, Iran could reduce the breakout time to less than two weeks. Moderate messages from Tehran should not be allowed to camouflage Iran’s continuing progress toward a bomb. Read the full article here.

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  1. Iran hates US and Israel.
    Iran wants to destroy US and Israel.
    Iran will soon have a bomb, sanctions don’t work.

    So in 20 words or less why isn’t the US aggressively destroying Iran’s nuclear ability?

    Obama agrees that the US has been the power leader in the world for too long, it’s time for the Muslims.

    Sorry, that was 21 words.

    For one who grew up in a ‘colonial’ country, who drank the nectar of Reverend Wright’s scintillating White and Jew-hating diatribes for 20 years (if I don’t like what Rov says I switch shuls, don’t you?) there is no question that he feels it’s time for those who emit ‘the sweetest sound he’s ever heard’, or the call to Muslim prayer, to run the world.

    We are all too nice to call him what he is. An evil, hating, human being.

    Please feel free to disagree. But please make sense of the above.


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