Iran’s Rouhani Tweets: Nuke Program “Continues Today and Will Continue Tomorrow”

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hassan-rouhani-iranIran’s president claimed victory in this weekend’s nuclear deal in a series of tweets marking the 100th day of his presidency on Tuesday.

Hassan Rouhani called the Geneva deal a “very positive first step” and said it “shook the foundations” of the international sanctions regime. He vowed that a final deal will allow Iran to continue nuclear enrichment, a potential deal-breaker for Israel and many members of Congress.

“In relation to nuclear issue,” he added, “I want to assure our people” that Iran won’t give up any of its rights – including the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.
“Enrichment, which is part of our rights, will continue. It continues today and will continue tomorrow.”

Rouhani went on to say that the interim deal agreed to over the weekend sets the stage for a final agreement granting Iran the right to enrich uranium on its soil. The country’s critics – chief among them Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu – say that’s unacceptable because Iran can’t be trusted not to pursue a nuclear weapon.

The tweets, published on Rouhani’s English-language twitter account, nevertheless appear aimed at assuaging domestic concerns that Iran hasn’t caved to Western pressure. The Iranian president also took credit for recent improvements in the nation’s economy, including falling inflation. Read more at THE HILL.

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  1. It’s like the Affordable Care Act – it’s got some glitches, but we’ve got the best people working on it and I have the assurances of the Iranian president that his country will comply! I also assured Mr. Netanyahu that we’ve got his back! All will be fine in due time! Mr. Rouhani was also told if he liked his neuclear program he could keep it!
    Thank you and may G-d shecht this turkey.


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