Irony: Thieves Helped Crack Bombing Case

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From a DNAINFO report: Several bombs planted in both Manhattan and New Jersey—among them one that detonated Saturday night, injuring dozens—were inadvertently disabled by thieves.

A pressure cooker bomb was left in a rolling suitcase on West 27th Street in New York City, and according to DNAinfo, well-dressed men allegedly took the bomb out of the bag and then placed it in a garbage bag before stealing the suitcase. By removing it, officials say the unidentified thief accidentally disabled the device. Once disabled, authorities could look at the cellphone attached to the explosive and eventually trace it back to New Jersey resident Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, who is wanted for questioning in more than one explosion over the weekend.

“Who in this world finds a pressure cooker with a phone and just takes the bag?” a law-enforcement source asked on Monday. Earlier Monday morning, in New Jersey, another set of thieves took a backpack on a trash can that had five bombs, which has also been tied to Rahami. The would-be thieves dropped the bag and called 911, likely preventing it from detonating in a crowded train station later in the day. The bag detonated while police were handling it, but no injuries were reported. READ MORE AT DNAINFO.



  1. Aha, so you have thieves roaming the streets of NYC freely, and the do nothing cops are busy writing parking tickets. Liberalism is working perfectly. Thank you

  2. It was Hakodosh Baruch Hu who messed up the terrorist plans. We have to thank Him for all the “almost” calamities that weren’t – most of which we don’t even know about.

  3. It is stupid to use the same word thieves in regards to someone who takes a suitcase or backpack from the trash, technically a property of the city, and in regards to those who take from us our valuable things that we have no intention of getting rid of. Perhaps the first category should be called “recyclers” and in any case I can’t figure out why doing that should be an offence.


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