IRS Whistleblower Goes Public Over Hunter Biden Probe

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A whistleblower from inside the Internal Revenue Service gave his first public interview Wednesday—alleging that the agency mishandled an ongoing probe into the finances of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Gary Shapley, who has been an agent at the IRS for more than 14 years, told the CBS Evening News that he felt “duty bound” to speak up after witnessing alleged political pressure applied by the DOJ and other federal agencies. “There were multiple steps that were slow-walked—were just completely not done—at the direction of the Department of Justice,” he said. “When I took control of this particular investigation, I immediately saw deviations from the normal process. It was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.”

Read more at CBS News.


  1. What you racist Republicans fail to realize, is that no democrat will ever be prosecuted. We will destroy any whistleblower that doesn’t fit the narrative. Merrick Garland has promised us there will NEVER be any investigation into any member of the Biden family, come what may.


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