Is A Jewish Wedding Ahead For Chelsea Clinton?

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bill-clintonThe Associated Press reports: Her mother is a churchgoing Methodist. Her father is a Southern Baptist. Yet could Chelsea Clinton be planning one of the biggest Jewish weddings of the year? The 30-year-old graduate student and her Jewish fiance, Marc Mezvinsky, 32, announced their engagement in November and told friends they were looking to a possible summer ceremony.The families have revealed no specifics about the wedding.

Representatives for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton declined to answer questions about it, noting the family’s wish for privacy. In a Feb. 7 interview on CNN, Hillary Clinton would go no further.

That hasn’t stopped the speculation. The bride and groom have a range of choices, including conversion or a melding their two traditions into one ceremony.

The talk has been strongest in the Jewish community. There has been some lamenting about this interfaith union that brings a former first daughter a step closer to the fold. Still, they wonder: Has Chelsea been searching for a rabbi?

“If they had a Jewish wedding officiated by a rabbi, I think that would be something really positive,” said Ed Case, president of, which supports Jewish outreach to interfaith couples. “It’s so important for the Jewish community to have interfaith couples engaging in Jewish life.”

Chelsea Clinton grew up attending Methodist church with her mother. Bill Clinton has been close to his pastor in Arkansas, but the Southern Baptist Convention rebuked him years ago over his support for social choices.

Last year, Chelsea, a graduate student at Columbia University’s School of Public Health, was seen attending Yom Kippur services with Marc at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, the flagship for Conservative Judaism, according to news reports.

Mezvinsky is a son of former Pennsylvania Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky and former Iowa Rep. Ed Mezvinsky, longtime friends of the Clintons. His parents, who are divorced, had attended a Conservative Jewish synagogue in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton has strong ties of her own to the Jewish community from serving as a senator from New York.

“She has probably been in more temples by far than either you or I,” said Rabbi Jerome Davidson, rabbi emeritus at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, which Hillary Clinton has visited.

No one is saying, though, what route Marc and Chelsea will take.

{AP/ Newscenter}


  1. All these fake conversions. First Ivanka Trump so-called converts to Judaism to marry her husband; now this joker Clinton.

  2. She’s a goya unless she has an Orthodox conversion. Her kids will be goyim although their parents will tell them they are Jewish. Its a dysfunctional family waiting to happen.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that Hillary had a Jewish elta zeida named Rosenberg. So there might be some Jewishness there. Also Ed Koch said “Bill Clinton is the best friend Israel ever had”.

  4. well you know what they say before Moshiach comes the world will realize that there is only one Hashem and only One Hashem..with all thats going on in the world Moshiach is definately coming wether chelsea clinton gets married today or tomorrow..hopefully sooner then later

  5. Hilary’s mother was Jewish?? First time I heard that! That makes her Jewish and Chelsea too. Maybe they’ll do real teshuva and become frum.

  6. Very unfortunately, the “Judaism” side of this picture is being handled by officials of the Conservative Movement, which is not Judaism!

    (Of course, I must be fully clear: The Jewish born people who happen to be involved in Conservative congregations ARE ALL TOTALLY JEWS!! And this entity that they created that they call “Conservative Judaism” definately took quite a very tremendous amount of material from real Judaism. At the same time though, by what they themselves openly say what they do — that they change around a lot of things of Judaism, and that they even completely eliminate several things of Judaism — clearly shows that this new “religion” that they made called “Conservative Judaism” IS NOT JUDAISM!!)

    Therefore, any “conversions” or “marriages” that these officials will perform here will have no meaning as far as real Judaism is concerned.

    Therefore, are there any good true Bnei Torah rabbonim who could somehow go in and correctly show and guide and instruct these people in what is the proper way????

  7. To number 8 Does being a friend to the state of Israel make you jewish?
    To number 2 yes this is jewish news for many different reasons. This is creating an awareness of where Klall yisroel is going down a slippery slope.
    3. There is much to discuss with this and to awaken our frum world that there are many difficulties of intermarriage. hashem should spare us To number 16 where did you read it?

  8. #1 Ivanka trump had the most kosher of true real conversions. how can you say its fake? you should be happy to have more yidden wityh kosher geirus.

  9. 12 you are very very wrong and know nothing. it took her years and many hours and sincere time studuying and learning and ivanka, aka yael is probably a more dedicated and sincere jew than many people you know.

  10. Hillary’s grandmother was married to a Jew for her second marriage, but was not Jewish, and Hillary’s step-aunt was “converted” in order to marry a Jew.

  11. #23
    “yael is probably a more dedicated and sincere jew than many people you know”

    I am sure her Wikipedia page will back up your claim.

  12. The real problem, of course, is that most Jews do not understand what makes them different.

    We have to do our best to teach them.

  13. #26,do you know the kushners? do you know rabbi lookstein? n do you know anyone who encounters the young couple on a daily basis? or during her entire conversion process? most geirim are more sincere in their practice than many. get over yourself. she has a full valid accepted kosher geirus. be proud

  14. Conservative Movement is Judaism. I daven in both Conservative and Orthodox shuls and the main differences are the mechitza and women being involved in all aspects. But otherwise, they’re the same.

  15. #29 thank you for clearing that up.
    Now we know how important it is not to have woman Rabbis as the slippery slope start out with just one one change in halach or mesorah.

  16. That doesn’t make sense. The shuls I grew up with didn’t have women rabbis (that’s fairly recent) and they still chose not to have mechitzas. I don’t understand what you’re saying, frankly. You don’t want women rabbis, fine. But I haven’t heard of any woman rabbi reading from the Torah to men in an Orthodox shul, so I don’t get your issue here.

  17. Conservative “Judaism” is avoda zora and it is assur to enter their churches.

    Ivanka & Chelsea though can enter it, as non-Jews may enter a church.


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