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Q and A with D.B., a PCS (division of Agudath Yisroel of America) alumnus from 2015           

Q: Is accounting a good career choice for frum women?

There are varying options within the field of accounting, including part-time positions with flexible hours.  Accountants are needed in companies everywhere so it is easy to find a job near home.

Accounting firms allow their employees to work from home several days a week. It is not a very strenuous job so one can be relaxed when she comes home from work. 

Q: For whom would you recommend the field of accounting?

I strongly recommend accounting for someone who is looking to help support her family as the salary is very good and there is a lot of growth opportunity. As long as you are motivated and are not afraid of working with numbers, accounting can work for you. There are many opportunities within the accounting field to choose from so even if one branch of accounting does not sound appealing to you, there are other options to choose from.

Q: Please tell us about the APS MS Accounting Course.

APS offers a Masters of Accounting course catered to the needs of frum women in Lakewood and Montvale (which is near Monsey and Brooklyn). The program is accredited through Fairleigh Dickinson University and the students are very well prepared for the CPA exams.  The schedule coordinates with Yomim Tovim and the teachers are very supportive and caring. The dedicated accounting recruiters assist with job placement and interview preparations.

Q: Tell us about the current job market.

 There is a high demand for qualified accountants; having received my Masters through FDU opened the door for better job opportunities. There are many firms of all sizes looking to hire entry level accountants for positions with growth opportunity. APS has a fantastic program that helps all their students try to find jobs/internships following the course and beyond. They have contacts in all types of firms.

The masters in accounting I received through APS gave me a wide range of job options upon completion, including those which I would have otherwise not received with just a BA. 

APS directed me to multiple job opportunities which brought me to my current position in Ernst and Young, a  top firm. They gave me multiple contacts to consult with before my interviews and before entering the workforce.

For more information contact: Tova at (732) 367-1500 or

TODAY! PCS/ FDU M.S. in Accounting Course Open House

Back from Seminary? Looking for a lucrative career?

The PCS (a division of Agudath Yisroel) M.S. in Accounting Course Open House will take place tonight at 7:00 PM at The Courtyard by Marriot, 140 NJ-17 SOUTH, Mahwah NJ 07430. With a 96 percent rate, graduates are working in top national firms and as controllers and CFOs in local companies.

For more information contact: Tova at (732) 367-1500 or


  1. A week during tax season in a CPA firm in Manhattan: work six days, 65 billable hours, 18 hours on commute, come home to sleep, and walk around as a zombie. Yeah, a great job for a woman. Sarcasm.

  2. At least it’s a tznius job for frum women, unlike architecture – a non-tznius job – that the govt in Israel are making frum learn – and succeeding. Shameful!

  3. To Anonymous:
    Depends on which firm one works for. It’s not like that in all firms.
    To Malky:
    I haven’t worked erev pesach in a number of years.

  4. And the salary is really good…for a 1st income, or a 2nd income. Yes, that depends on what you call a good salary, but there is a shortage of accountants everywhere… that helps you.


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