Is one Shabbos every seven days enough?



The answer lies in our attitude toward the weekdays leading up to Shabbos! And with R’ Yitzchok Sorotzkin’s insights, we discover: How central Shabbos is in our Avodas Hashem of the weekdays, what to focus on in the beginning days of the week, and why Shabbos comes as the fourth of the Aseres Hadibros.

Hear how the Lelover Rebbe encouraged his Talmidim to use Shabbos correctly, how the Chofetz Chaim tells us to access Gan Eden on this world, and what R’ Yeruchem felt about someone who works 23 hours a day. 

We know that nothing about Shabbos is mundane. Watch this fascinating video and discover how to elevate the rest of the week, too!

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