Is the Hamodia Pro Thompson?

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bloomberg-thompsonThe Hamodia newspaper seems to have had a fallout with the Bloomberg campaign.

The Bloomberg campaign has been splurging on other media serving the frum community, such as Yated Ne’eman and the Jewish Press, and the campaign is also plastering web sites that serve the Jewish community. Even Israeli sites such as and the website of the Jerusalem Post are bombarding visitors with flashy banner ads. However, none of the print ads have appeared in the Hamodia newspaper.

Neighborhoods such as Boro-Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush, and Crown Heights have heavy concentrations of frum Jews and were previously a solid base of support for Bloomberg. But the Mayor and his press office have been unavailable and inaccessible in responding to inquiries from Hamodia, according to some sources. Unlike his opponent, Bill Thompson, the Mayor has so far refused to respond to the paper.

Sources claim that the Bloomberg campaign has been trying to strong-arm the Hamodia into endorsing and writing positive puff stories on the Mayor.

“We do not live off NYC taxpayer money and the Mayor has very little leverage over our operations,” the source noted. “We owe our loyalty to our readers, and the Mayor is highly unpopular in our community, if the Mayor wants to reach our community, it’s kind of foolish to ignore us, but that’s just fine with us. The most important thing for us is not to offend our readers.”

Yesterday, as first reported here on, Hamodia upped the ante by downplaying the Mayor’s visit to Boro Park – burying his visit in a story and stating that the “mayor received polite applause” – and featuring an article about a politically connected rabbi who is endorsing Thompson.

In addition, Hamodia printed a lengthy letter to the editor decrying the playing of the race card by Bloomberg operatives within the various Chassidic enclaves, which seems to be a planned strategy since the crime specter threat if the Mayor is not elected was raised many times during a Boro Park event by all speakers in support of the Mayor, including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.




































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  1. To say I am shocked is an understatement. Even though I read their paper, to not endorse the mayor is foolish considering how much he has done to keep NYC safe. If Thompson is elected I am afraid it will become another Dinkins administration. I read the interview of him in the Hamodia, and I was not impressed. He made some glaring lies, and I am surprised that the reporter do not question him on it.

  2. Thats the Hamodia and its prime sponser for you

    In new-age Yerushalmi style, finnancial and political considerations take precidence over all else, at the full expense of our needs

  3. No one should be suprised. This is the same crew who made sure Meir Porush shouldn’t be elected mayor of Yerushalayim. Instead they brought the world the gift of the man who has brought chaos to the Holy City. And, oh yes, how can we forget, he gave Ger the Schneller Army base. All leshaim shomayim, of course.

  4. who left due to Bloombergs ticket blitzes, water rate mega increases, overturning the peoples will by fighting term limits, and my way or the highway attitude, I strongly urge every one to vote for Thompson. Even Rudy was more approchable than Mike.

  5. This is a totally biased report considering the fact that the Yated owns this site. Stop displaying your competition in a bad way, enough is enough.

  6. Not to thanks a Mayor and not to endorse him after 8 years of unbelievable Service for us and our City is Kineged one of our main principals in life -Hakoras HaTov!

    We MUST be Makir Tov to him for all that he did, does, and Bezras Hashem will do in The future!

    Notwithstanding the Possik that Says “Vi’Chai Achicha Emach”


    And just because the Yated endorsed him with Big front Head Lines….Doesn’t meen the Hamodia (GER) has to do the opposite!

    When will they (Hamodia) finally be on the Right side of things?!?!

    There quite about

    There quite about Rubashkin



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