Is the U.S. Government Funneling Millions to Groups that Promote Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Views?


U.S. grants have gone to organizations that have called for the international community to divest from Israel, rationalized terrorist attacks against the Jewish state, and compared Israelis to Nazis, NGO Monitor, a watchdog for non-governmental organizations, found in a new study to be published later this month, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

“We encourage the end of all funding, both directly and indirectly, for NGOs that participate in the demonization and delegitimization campaigns,” Naftali Balanson, the chief of staff at NGO Monitor, told a meeting last week on Capitol Hill. “When you have organizations that are receiving money ostensibly for peace, human rights, and democracy, but they refuse to work with Israeli partners, they refuse to meet with Israelis, and push for boycotts, those are in direct contradiction and seem to be a complete waste of taxpayer money….The U.S. should be using its money to encourage peace, more cooperation, and the reduction of tensions.”




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