IS THIS GUY DRUNK? Corey Johnson Says New York City Has ‘Too Many Parking Spaces’

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City Council Speaker Corey Johnson may have just slammed the parking brake on his mayoral bid.

Johnson fumed to WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” on Thursday that too much public space is dedicated to on-street car storage, potentially alienating a host of car-driving voters.

“I do think that there are too many parking spaces in New York City,” Johnson said bluntly. “We have over 3 million [on-street] parking spaces in New York City … and we should reclaim that space and use it for the public.”

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. I am not generally a supporter of the speaker, but in this case he is right.

    The streets belong to the people.

    Until around 1950, it was illegal to park cars overnight on the street. Now cars are everywhere, almost all the time.

    Go to places where there are pedestrian malls, where cars are limited, and you will see people walking and playing in the streets, utilizing and enjoying the streets as things should be, and a more peaceful atmosphere.

    Streets are for people, not car storage. The public streets were not made to be massive parking lots.

  2. This is a quote from the Post
    “We need to break the car culture. It is choking our streets. It is literally killing people,” he said. “And that means we need to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and mass transit over private automobile use.”
    This is the mindset of the liberal elitist because I’m a single menuval and I can manage to live without a car, so even the guy who needs a car for his business or family must live without a car. This was the same mindset as the plastic bag ban.

    • Did your zeide have his own car? Your elter-zeide? I don’t think so.

      I definitely don’t think his family had multiple motor vehicles, as many do today.

      Yidden survived for thousands of years without cars.

      It is healthier to live without a car too. You will walk more and be healthier. 🙂

      • The same can be said for air-conditioning, electric lighting, indoor plumbing and innumerable other modern conveniences, luxuries and staples.

  3. This out of touch man is a nut-case who has brains where he sits. Too many parking spaces in NYC?! He must be drunk. Or maybe he played tackle football without a helmet.

  4. Why is there no parking anytime in front of shuls? So people can be dropped off without double parking? How about a shul that only has minyan on shabbos? Or only 6-8am and then mincha/maariv near shkia? No parking anytime? Why not only during shul hours? There are many such spots in Brooklyn that can be created.

  5. The speaker did not call for a ban on cars. He did say that they take up too much space on the streets. That is true.

    Cars can be parked in private space. Park your car in a driveway, garage, etc.

    • “Park your car in a driveway, garage, etc.”
      Mnay NYC houses and apartment buildings don’t have driveways or garages. The avenues where we shop don’t have parking lots available. The yeshivos and business we work at don’t have parking lots. Our friends and relatives we visit don’t have parking lots. And FYI, new buildings are constructed with parking spots.

    • I just love it when people make ignorant comments. Obviously where you live you have a place to park your car. In NYC most people do not have a place to park their car unless you have an illegal driveway.

  6. I can’t afford the outrageous cost of purchasing a home in this City. So I rent. I have no driveway or garage. I need my car for my job. What am I supposed to do. I have a large family. My wife needs to use our vehicle for shopping, picking up/dropping off the kids, visiting her elderly Parents, etc… There is almost never a legal parking spot where we have to go. These are the facts on the ground. This is our City. This is where we live. This is where we pay taxes. This is where we contribute to the betterment of society. What does the Speaker expect us to do? Can we live in peace like normal human beings. Should we Pack our bags and leave? Do we live in a prison? Is he my Lord?
    When the Speaker orders a new couch or refrigerator, does he expect it to be delivered by some kid riding a bicycle? I mean seriously! Should a construction crew building a skyscraper in Manhattan have all the cranes, bricks, & materials be delivered by a man walking all the way from Staten Island carrying it on his back??? WHAT ARE THESE CLIMATE CHANGE TREE HUGGERS THINKING???!!!


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