Is Trump Ending The White House Pesach Seder Tradition?

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The annual White House Pesach seder, a custom of former president Barack Obama, does not seem to be happening this year, The Forward reports.

Donald Trump, Jewish activists close to the administration say, does not plan to host a seder for Pesach. The White House did not respond to inquires of the Forward regarding the possibility of President Trump holding a seder.

White House Pesach seders began after Obama’s impromptu campaign trail seder organized by Jewish staffers during the 2008 presidential race. That meal evolved into an eight-year tradition that included reading from the Maxwell House Haggadah.

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  1. The seder is part of the Jewish religion. Trump is not Jewish.

    End of story.

    Whoever works for him and is Jewish, should have their own seder at home (or perhaps at a hotel), not have one at their workplace.

  2. Maybe Trump’s Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law explained to him how grossly inappropriate it would be for him, a goy, to host a Pesach Seder.
    Funny how the left, perfectly exemplified by the socialist rag “The Forward,” always gets bent out of shape over so called “cultural appropriation” but never seems to mind — in fact they celebrate! — when their favorite goy-toy appropriates Jewish “culture.”
    I even remember The Forward telling us all about Obama’s so-called “Jewish Connection.” His wife has a cousin, an ordained minister, who converted himself and became a “rabbi” of his so-called black-hebrew congregation! The Forward thought this was a selling point!

  3. Obama’s Seder was the same standpoint of the Davar Acher showing his “kosherness” with his split hoofs. If you are kosher you don’t need to go out of your way just to “show” you are. V’hamevin Yavin.

  4. Well what will you say if he doesn’t make a Chanukah party (the one started by Bush)?
    The comments here seem very biased. If Bush had started the Seder and Obama stopped it we wouldn’t hear the end of it.
    I do see a problem with not responding with any (possibly legitimate) reason. Deviating from a tradition is not wrong if a good reason is articulated, but seems questionable if none is given.

    • A Chanukah party is permitted but a Passover Seder on yom Tov is forbidden to non Jews. We can not cook on yom tov for non Jews. Shabbos is no problem as we don’t cook o Shabbos. The fowards is anti jewish in every way. It’s the last of the racist rags against Orthodox Jews left. It’s like a kkk publication putting down black people. It should be investigated and shut down for their vicious Jew hatred.

  5. But the forward, which claims to be Jewish, does not care what the Torah says about abortion & toeivah marriage. Disgusting. Why bother quoting that stinky rag?


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