ISA Arrests Three Israeli Arab Islamic State Supporters for Planning a Shooting Attack on the Har Habayis


The Israel Security Agency (ISA), in conjunction with the Israel Police, has, in January-February 2018, arrested the following three Israeli Arab residents of Um al-Fahm, some of whom support the Islamic State terrorist organization, on suspicion of planning a shooting attack on the Har Habayis in Yerushalayim.

The ISA investigation shows that Muhammad Masoud Jabarin, 20; Amad Lutfy Jabarin, 20; and a minor (at the time the offenses were committed) planned to carry out a shooting attack at the Al Aqsa Mosque similar to the 14 July 2017 attack in which two Israel Police officers – Kamil Shanan and Hail Stawi – were murdered.

The attack was thwarted thanks to precise intelligence information that led to the timely arrest of the cell members even before they managed to procure weapons.




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