ISIS Threatens to Attack Jews “Be’ezrat Hashem”

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isis[Video below.] SIS released an new video clip, in Hebrew, threatening to wage war against the Jewish nation. A man flashing a knife states, in Hebrew, that he and his comrades are preparing for a major war, “Be’ezrat Hashem, Be’ezrat Hashem.”

He sends a warning to “all the Jews, grandchildren of monkeys and pigs” that the Islamic State will come to Israel and slaughter all the Jews, Kikar reports.

In a message directed to “all the Jews, grandchildren of monkeys and pigs,” the man, whose face is blurred, warns that the Islamic State plans to infiltrate Israel to carry out attacks.

“We are coming for you from all over the world to slaughter you,” he says.


{ Israel}


  1. G-d is good. The enemy knows that the jews are right even if he wants to kill us. That is why he used our language and our word for Hashem. How cute. A murderer who loves your father. Maybe he will find his own finality in his own death faster.


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