Islamic State Punishes and Flogs 94 Syrians for Violating Ramadan Fast


isis-islamic-stateIslamic State militants have punished at least 94 people, including five teenagers, for not fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday.

The people were flogged, hung up by their arms crucifixion-style or put in metal cages in Raqqa, Aleppo and Deir al-Zor provinces.

The opposition Shaam News portal posted a picture last week showing a boy hanging by his arms with a sign around his neck saying: “Broke fast without justifiable excuse under sharia [Islamic law].”



  1. So terrifying.

    The hate of humanity is so deep that the easy soul of a bad mood can be criticized for just being human. To be a fasting soul takes much precedence.

    This is just cursed beyond a curse.


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