Israel: 13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Unable To Join School Trip

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candleA 13-year-old Israeli girl put an end to her life Tuesday after she was unable to join her friends on the yearly school trip due to her family’s economic situation.

This morning, the girl arrived at school with her father, only to discover that the school was empty because everyone was already out on the school trip. The two returned to their home and several hours later, the father found his daughter after she had hung herself. The father summoned Magen David Adom to the scene, which were forced to determine her death on the spot.

“My daughter told me that the girl was ashamed to tell her parents about the trip because she knew they had no money to pay for it,” stated the mother of one of the girl’s friends. “This was not the first time that she didn’t go out on a trip because of financial difficulties… she would prepare as if she were going out on a school activity but would then go to her friends from a higher grade. It’s malice, insensitivity and nastiness by the entire school. They knew of her financial distress and no one raised a finger in order to find her a solution.”

A senior-level official from the Education Ministry who knows the case claims otherwise. “I know that her teacher spoke with her and even got her the necessary equipment for the trip. That being said, this is a very difficult incident.”

Sadly many children in these ages feel it’s the end of the world and instead of sharing it with the grownups, they decide to do something extreme,” the official added. “I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to address parents and children alike and tell them that they can always anonymously ask for help. We have the ability to help deal with it.”

Another senior-level official who is familiar with the case stated that the family was known and treated by welfare services. He added that from what he knew, the school waited for the girl for two hours in the morning before leaving for the trip and even tried to call her parents.

Meanwhile, the parents of the girl’s friend claim that if the school had really done everything to get her to go on the trip, she would have still been alive today. “My daughter told me how much the trip was important to her, how much she waited and prepared for it,” one of the mothers stated while crying. “There is an overall responsibility of the school and the Education Ministry. The Education Ministry is trying to come out clean and transfer the responsibility to the child, but it is not true in this case.”

The Education Ministry stated in response: “It is a very difficult incident. We informed the students during the school trip in the most sensitive way possible about the loss of the child. The Education Ministry CEO has launched an investigation to learn the circumstances of the incident.” JERUSALEM ONLINE

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  1. What a horrible tragedy and waste of such a young life.
    Someone at school does have to take responsibility for these situations.
    When I went to school, my parents were in very poor financial straits. So, I, too, didn’t want to tell my mother about an upcoming school trip. Without fail, my Chumash teacher, mechaneches or principal called my home and told my mother that the cost of my trip “was already taken care of.” There are good people in the system, but sadly tragedies can occur when there’s no one pays any attention to the student.

  2. Very sad. This surely happens more than we (care to) know. I guess we don’t really have to ask why God is angry. Let’s stop putting greed ahead of life. A common mistake is the adage that money is the root of all evil when in fact it is actually the LOVE of money. This sickness is rampant in all our communities. It’s shameful and personally I am embarrassed by it. It was my main reason for leaving mainstream Judaism.

  3. there is more too this story. i dont believe that her reason was because she could not go on the trip. i’m sure the school did for her whatever she allowed them to do. there is something else going on


    the article says the teacher told she can go , they waited & called
    this is obviously a DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY with a capital D schools cannot fix homes they did try
    children dont choose their parents poor child while alive and poor child while not here

  5. My goodness…how much is a triip that you cant collect the money for her to go? My my.
    To SITTING AND WORKING: Great excuse to leave Judaism. ..but nobody’s buying it.
    The amount of caring and chessed supercedes your self centered desire to do what you really want to do…and that is THE FREEDOM TO DO WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES and not what G…d desires of you…

  6. BDE

    BDE Just tragic can’t say more, just wish these tragedies could be avoided to get us to wake up & return to hashem. 10 children or infants niftar in November , 5 more Niftar in October & 9 Niftar in August R”L Shocked-like me-so many could happen in such a short span of time? get the full info of these names & info etc… emailed to you by emailing to

    may we all do teshuva as one nation together ASAP so this could stop already

  7. If you’re not going to accept peoples honest opinions/comments then why bother to even have a comment section? This is not communist Russia. If you publish articles/stories and you want to have an honest dialogue, so leave your viewers comments untouched. You cant keep sanitizing your viewers comments to fit your agenda. If you feel the particular article is too “controversial” so don’t publish it. If you want to be a professional website, you cant have it both ways.

  8. I was thinking of jumping off the Verrazano bridge. I’m reaching out for help from people to help me pay for my children’s yeshiva tuition so my kids don’t have to be embarrassed and thrown out of class again because of my inability to pay. But somehow, for that, nobody gives a damn.


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