Israel: 6,808 New Coronavirus Cases Found In Last 24 Hours, Death Toll At 1,335

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Israel Health Ministry figures published on Thursday show that 6,808 new coronavirus cases were detected in the last 24, bringing the total number of people infected since the start of the pandemic to 206,332.

The data also showed that at least 1,335 people have died in Israel from COVID-19 since March.

Some 56,901 coronavirus cases are currently active across the country, among which 667 patients are in serious condition and 164 people have been placed on artificial respirators.

The Health Ministry also said it had carried out 54,364 screening tests on Wednesday.

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  1. The higher their bogus numbers, the more chance they think they have with their lockdowns. It won’t help them much as many chassidishe shuls all over the country, and of course many shuls in Yerushalayim, esp. in Me’ah She’arim, are not giving a hoot about their lockdown nonsense, just like they didn’t Rosh Hashanah. They know it’s all a shtusim. Sadly there are still naive people who think that the military will shoot the flu out of the public and nobody will become sick ever again if they’ll be locked down for 3 weeks – seriously.


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