Israel a World Center for Renewing Aircraft


The budget-challenged Israeli Air Force has learned to adapt, recycle, and renew equipment.

“In many ways, we have become the world center of technology to refurbish equipment,” said a senior officer in the IAF Aerial Maintenance Unit (AMU). “The original manufacturers of the equipment come here to see our upgrades and learn from us. They are especially impressed to see what we are doing with 3D printers, and how we use them to produce parts.”

The air force is keeping planes that have been in the air for more than two decades operating as good as new – actually better, in most cases, he said. “Here in this unit we can turn an old plane into something that is quite capable of competing on the battlefield with new planes, and in fact we can ensure that these planes will remain competitive and mission-worthy for another decade.”

David Steger – Israel



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