Israel Adds 1,151 New Coronavirus Cases, Death Toll Rises To 1,523

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Israel added 1,151 new COVID-19 coronavirus cases on Monday, the country’s Health Ministry reported Tuesday.

With only 7,682 tests conducted in the past 24 hours — a slump in testing on the holiday of Yom Kippur — the positive test ratio stood at 15 percent, the highest ratio throughout the pandemic.

The death toll reached 1,523, adding 16 new fatalities to the figure reported in the morning.

The latest update puts the number of active cases in the country at 66,373, including 203 patients in need of artificial lung ventilation and 778 in a serious state.

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  1. these are noThese are not cases. These people are mostly asymptomatic. 80% show zero symptoms. 18% show mild ones. The PCR test was never meant to be used for detecting a specific virus and is incapable of doing so. A positive only means that you have been exposed to some member of wide family of Corona viruses including the common cold or some particles of long dead viruses left behind from a cold even as long as a year ago or more! Additionally, Israel tests at a high magnification of 37 cycles. Germany tests at 30 cycles, Singapore at 32, and the USA at 34. The method is also wrought with big percentages of false positives especially when done under pressure like now. So please stop calling these cases or infections. You are just fomenting fear.


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