Israel Adds 1,609 New Coronavirus Infections, Death Toll Hits 1,983

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Israel added 1,609 new coronavirus infections on Sunday, the country’s Health Ministry reported Monday morning.

With 22,777 tests conducted over the past 24 hours, the positive test ratio stood at 7.7 percent, edging slightly higher against the 7.3 percent registered Saturday.

The death toll surged to 1,983, adding three new fatalities to the figure reported Sunday evening.

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    • You are three months out of date.
      Anyone who can mach avek the whole virus is insensitive to human life. Some virus is around and many people are r”l suffering from a virus that has properties that never existed. I know young people who have had no problems with the flu and similar. Yet they were very harmed, if not worse, r”l, by the present virus. Maybe it hasn’t been isolated, but something new is out there.

      It may be true that government lockdowns etc. are also harmful and counter productive, and that Yidden are being discriminated against with the closing of shuls and yeshivos, but please be sensitive to human lives and don’t mach avek the whole thing. Yidden are Rachamanin Bnei Rachamanim. They feel for others who are suffering. Recognize that there is some new virus from which Yidden are suffering. Only by recognizing that Hashem is sending a message can one daven to Hashem בלב שלם, which is the most potent way to end the virus.

      May Hashem have rachamanus on his children and end this sickness with all that comes along with it, (including the loss of people’s parnassa r”l.

      • Had this corona been genuine, Gedolei Yisroel wouldn’t mach it avek. Are you saying Gedolei Yisroel are insensitive to human life? True, people are sick, but they had these sicknesses all the years. This virus is not worse than the general flu, pneumonia or heart disease that was around for hundreds or thousands of years. In fact, less people died this year than in the past. Do some research. Gullible people shouldn’t listen to the media.


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