Israel Advances Bill Allowing Forcible Relocation Of Palestinian Terrorists’ Families

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Israeli ministers voted late Sunday night to advance legislation that would allow Israel to expel the families of Palestinian terrorists from their homes and forcibly relocate them to other areas of the West Bank as a method of deterrence.

The bill  received ministerial backing following a “lengthy and complicated” debate over the bill by the political security cabinet and “despite the opposition of the judicial authorities,” the faction said in a statement

.The proposed legislation would empower the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) central command to expel the relatives of Palestinian assailants from their hometowns to other parts of the West Bank within a week of an attack or attempted attack.

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  1. Forcibly relocate terrorist families to other areas of the West Bank is a method of deterrence? PATHETIC! Relocate them to their hometown in Jordan. This would be some kind of a deterrence. But Israel is too weak for this.

  2. I clearly thought that Kahane’s ideology was banned by the Knesset as racist and discriminatory? When was Kahane rehabilitated?


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